Looking Beyond Desperation – How To Make Him Want You Fast

Looking Beyond Desperation – How To Make Him Want You Fast

If you want to know how to make him want you, here’s a very simple tip: never resort to desperation. Learning how to get your ex boyfriend back without proper guidance only leads to desperation which never produces positive results. Some may say that they got their former lover back by showing that they are desolate without their former flame but this method in getting your boyfriend back doesn’t last long. You should find yourself in the arms of your former boyfriend by being desperate but it will only lead to more pain and frustration.

The main reason why desperation will never work is the fact that your boyfriend will only take you back because he feels bad leaving you. Instead of going back to you as a boyfriend that loves you, the relationship is simply based on pity. If that feeling is gone, you can be assured that the relationship will again find itself in a very rocky status. You could just end up fighting more and you’ll have a harder time making him love you again.

You don’t have to resort to desperation because there are others ways on getting your ex boyfriend back. The best part is that you don’t have to go through emotional rollercoaster (feeling good and feeling bad) just to get him back. All you need to do to get your former flame is learning how to make him want you again.

Simple Tips on How to Make your Boyfriend Want You

Learning how to make him miss you is actually very simple: be yourself and look amazing. People often fail to realize that their relationship is based on the fact that they like each other’s quality. Resorting to desperation covers the real person they fell in love with for the first time.

You might be thinking of using jealousy as a method on how to make him want you even more. Just like desperation, this doesn’t work. If he ever goes back to you because of jealousy, the relationship will most likely end before you can even get serious. The worst part is that you just involved someone else and complications will most likely arise. You and your boyfriend could be back together but you just end up hurting someone else and establish animosity between two people that you like.

Be Confident and Pamper Yourself

You have to show your former lover who you really are before you became lovers. Remember that you eventually established a relationship with your boyfriend because you showed something likeable before you became lovers. Show him that and he’ll want you even more.

But don’t just resort to going back to who you really are so that you can get your boyfriend back. As much as possible, you have to focus on your self-confidence and pampering. Go out a little bit, go shopping and have fun with your family and friends. Some people ignore their friends and family after a breakup because they feel really bad. This is actually the best time to talk to your friends and family because it will give you the release you need to get back on track and eventually look great. It’s even recommended to go out and pamper yourself with your friends so that you’ll feel even better.

Reestablishing Friendship

It’s always important to remember that you did not become lovers overnight. Your boyfriend started by wooing you which means you start off as good friends for a while. Many people fail to recognize this very simple truth: friendship is often the gateway to great love. Many people started off as friends where they eventually become partners for life. If you want your boyfriend to want you even more, you have to establish friendship. You don’t become lovers yet but at least you still have a chance to be close to your former flame.

Clearing the Air

Although you and your former boyfriend are now friends, you have to admit that there are still awkward moments because of your past. The main reason for this is the fact that you and your former lover did not clear the air yet about your severed relationship. The good thing about friendship is that you can slowly reestablish trust and eventually talk about the past.

Talking about the past is the best way to start again. As friends talking about what you did wrong in the past, you reexamine the relationship and try to mend ways so that you can have your boyfriend back. Looking back can be a painful process for you and your former lover but it’s the essential step in reestablishing your relationship.

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